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In the conference SIGGRAPH 2015 during August 9th to 13th at Los Angeles Convention Center, two of our research were exhibited at Emerging Technologies booth.

1) FlashTouch: Touchscreen Communication Combining Light and Touch (SIGGRAPH site)

Authors: Masa Ogata, Yuta Sugiura, Michita Imai.

This project is also described at my page.

2) AffectiveWear: Toward Recognizing Facial Expression (SIGGRAPH site)

Authors: Katsutoshi Masai, Yuta Sugiura, Masa Ogata, Katsuhiro Suzuki, Fumihiko Nakamura, Sho Shimamura, Kai Kunze, Masahiko Inami, Maki Sugimoto

FluxPaper at CHI’15

FluxPaper F1 1200px

We presented our paper “FluxPaper” in CHI 2015. This is my latest work at Microsoft Research Asia, supervised by Masaaki Fukumoto (MSRA). This paper received Best Paper Honorable Mention.

The paper and a video are now available. Please check them from my page.

Microsoft Research Asiaでの最新の成果をヒューマンコンピュータインタラクションに関する国際会議CHI 2015で発表しました。福本雅朗氏(MSRA)の指導のもとで研究した成果です。上位5%に贈られるBest Paper Honorable Mentionも受賞しました。


MSRA에서의 최신의 성과를 국제학회CHI 2015에서 발표했습니다. 논문과 동영상을 이 페이지에서 확인해주십시요.


稲見先生のお誘いで、AH2015の最終日にScience Centre Singaporeにて研究100連発に参加させていただきました。いままでの研究成果(主著・共著論文)+GUGEN2014の内容を合わせて10個、紹介しました。



【僕らの未来はストーリーに駆動されている Augmented Human 2015と日本の研究者たち – WirelessWire News】


SkinWatch at AH 2015

We are going to present our paper at Augmented Human 2015. Video was uploaded on Youtube.

CHI2015 paper conditionally accepted

Our paper was conditionally accepted to CHI 2015.We’ll see you in next CHI in Korea.


CHI2015에 우리 논문이 조건부로 채택되었습니다. 서울에서 만납시다.

CHI 2015

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